El Cerrito Woodworking Inc. was formed after the El Cerrito Mill & Lumber store closed its doors in 1998. With the passing of long time owner Elmer Freethy, the Freethy family decided to sell the business leaving many EC Mill & Lumber customers without a resource for their woodworking needs and products.

With almost eighty years of combined experience former EC Mill employees John Bray & Wes Richardson decided to carry on the 75 year tradition of the mill and formed El Cerrito Woodworking Incorporated. Officially founded in 2000 El Cerrito Woodworking Inc. now offers its clients, and many former mill & lumber clients custom woodworking products including windows, mouldings, cabinets, and architectural doors. Tradition and experience form the solid foreground for EC Woodworking's craftsmanship and attention to detail. EC Woodworking is committed to excellence and will take on any woodworking project no matter what the degree of difficulty.