The kitchen is the center focus of many households and the importance of well designed cabinetry is tremendous. EL Cerrito Woodworking has the knowledge and experience necessary to deliver custom cabinetry products which make your kitchen a unique fit to your lifestyle.
Bathrooms require functionality that works within smaller areas. Custom vanities and cabinetry can be created to a custom fit to accommodate various adult and child heights and sizes.
Doors and windows can be the defining elements of a custom home. Custom window frames allow natural light to arouse a living room or bedroom, while custom doors add elegance to all your entry ways.
The ever increasing focus on home theater and music systems has created a great demand for home entertainment units. El Cerrito Woodworking develops home entertainment units for the homeowner who desires custom design combined with elegance. Music and video units are built to spec considering style, storage, functionality and efficiency.
In a digital telecommuting world more and more people are working out of their homes. EC woodworking builds Home Office Furniture considering excellent functionality, peripheral equipment accommodation, as well as pleasing aesthetics to give an individual a real working home office.
Custom Mouldings and trim can be the final touch on a room remodel or addition. They add the style and sophistication necessary to make a project complete. EC woodworking crafts custom mouldings with great attention to detail overcoming all degrees of difficulties.
From decks to columns EC Woodworking is prided in taking on any project no matter what degree of difficulty. Our expert staff work with architects and contractors to custom craft just about any thing made of wood.